At the mid-range level

April 21, 2016

There is always plenty of hype surrounding the release of flagship devices that overshadows all other devices by the manufacturer. Take the Galaxy S7, for example, which has been so successful we haven’t even discussed other great Samsung devices. Now we’re going to look at some of the unsung devices released by Samsung that may be just as good.

Perhaps the best alternative to the big S7 and S7 Edge is the Galaxy A5, 2016 version, and here’s why it’s worth a look:


The Galaxy A5 (2016) is very similar to the Galaxy S6 in design, having metal sides sandwiched between two slabs of Gorilla Glass 4. It’s important to keep that in mind because the design feels every bit as premium as the S6 and the Gorilla Glass 4 tough enough to withstand scratches and cracks.

The only difference, in fact is that the A5 has a 5.2-inch screen to the S6’s 5.1-inch, which some may even view as a plus. Plus, there’s an SD card slot where you can expand storage up to 128GB.


You shouldn’t expect the camera quality of the S6 on this mid-range device, and you won’t get it. The 13MP camera at the back is decent enough to take okay pictures in daylight but even then the pictures become over-exposed in direct sunlight. The camera is not so great in low light situations and even the 8MP shooter at the front doesn’t deliver.


You wouldn’t imagine a mid-range device would beat a flagship in any aspect, but the A5 is way better in battery life. The difference is due to the drop in screen resolution from quad HD on the S6 to full HD on the A5, plus a thicker frame that houses a larger battery. All in all, you get about one more day of battery life with the A5 than the S6.


Ah, the flagship’s domain! The A5 is beaten by the S6 when it comes to processing power. The former has a smaller RAM, 2GB, and a slower processor. It’s still smooth, don’t get me wrong, but you’re likely to experience a few lags here and there, especially when a number of apps are open.

Who should buy this phone?

If you’re not an avid game player, don’t play around with several apps at once and don’t take pictures often, there’s no reason for you to purchase the more expensive S7 or even S6. The A5 (2016) is meant for the average user who still likes to have a premium-feeling phone. And that’s what you get with the stunning design and decent performance. For more information on living with a budget device, check out this blog.

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