Why Android updates take so long

April 19, 2016

I’m sure most Android users feel frustrated watching iPhone users receive their iOS updates almost immediately the update is announced. While with Android, we’re only receiving Android Marshmallow updates this year after it was announced last year, and even then, there are still some regions which haven’t got it.

What’s really happening?

Well, the truth is, Android updates aren’t really slower to be released than iOS updates, the two are more or less the same. The first clue is when you realize that Google don’t release updates themselves, except for Nexus devices, which you will notice received Marshmallow in October last year. What happens is, Google create the update, announce its launch and then send it to manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sone, etc. If you look at it that way, you can see that Google isn’t responsible for the delays, but rather the manufacturers.

Another difference between the two companies is in the difference between their philosophies. Simply because iOS updates are released so soon doesn’t mean they didn’t go through a lengthy testing process, only that they announced the finished product. Android, on the other hand, being open-source, announce the updates at the start and welcome user input and feedback in streamlining the OS. So really, it’s just that Apple announce at the end while Android do at the beginning of the process.

Why all the misinformation?

The truth hasn’t stopped Apple from banging on about their updates. If you watched their release of iOS 9.3 in March 21st, you probably heard Tim Cook trashing just how Android Marshmallow is yet to be rolled out. Well, now you know, you shouldn’t trust the word of a competitor with an agenda, get the truth yourself. And the next time an iPhone wielding loud mouth laughs in your face about it, you can relax knowing just how fooled they are by marketing.

If you would like to know all the processes of an Android OS update, stick around for the next blog which will give more information about that.

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