SD Card choices March 28 2016, 0 Comments

SD cards are making their way back to flagship devices after being eradicated from recent smartphone releases. There is a reason all those smartphone manufacturers chose to bring back the forgotten memory card, and these are some:

Why you need a memory card

  • Expand your storage: Galaxy devices are released with variants of system storage space from 16GB to 128GB. The larger the system storage, though, the higher the price tag may be. In fact, prices go up $50 with every increment of storage space, yet an SD card can be as cheap as $20. The SD card is, therefore, the more affordable way to increase phone memory.
  • Better cameras require more storage: 4K video recording available in the latest flagship devices provide crisp videos, but they are also more than 2X larger than full HD videos. If you want to record high quality videos and images, you may need a large SD card to store the files.
  • Better SD card integration in Android M: the latest Android version has been made to work even better with SD cards, with the system treating it as part of the system memory. This improved integration is a great reason to use an SD card with your device.

What to consider when buying an SD card

Because the SD card is so useful, there are some factors you might want to consider before making the final purchase:

  1. SD card types: memory cards range from Class 2 to 10, with increasing transfer speeds, these are classes 2, 4, 6 and 10. Classes 2 and 4 are fine for standard video recording, Class 6 fine for high definition recording and Class 10 the most ideal for Ultra-HD video and RAW picture recording.
  2. Capacity: these cards range in size from 4GB to 128GB. Of course, the larger the capacity the more it will cost, so buy the one you need based on your needs.

What if your device doesn’t have an SD card slot?

In that case, you’re out of luck; your best bet would be to learn how to live on a limited capacity. Find a few tips here on our blog, or trade in your device for one with an SD card slot.