Living with a small capacity device March 28 2016, 0 Comments

Smartphone internal storage has been on the rise, but smaller capacity devices have not been phased out yet. Even flagship devices still come with 16GB variants, so how does one live with such limited storage?

Make use of online storage

It is very difficult to keep both files and apps on your device if it’s, say, 16GB. There’s nothing you can do about apps, those have to be installed on your device, but you can store some files online. We all have those files: pictures, music and documents, that we like to keep but rarely use. For me, that’s music; I have plenty of songs but only listen to a few albums most of the time. Which is why I only have a few songs saved, and listen to the rest on Google Play Music.

There are plenty of online storage services on the Play Store, and while you have to pay for more space, they generally have enough space for a few documents. Dropbox, for example, offers 5GB free and Google Drive 15GB of free online storage; this is enough for documents and even video files. Use of online storage also makes it easier to share the uploaded files through email, although the uploads may raise your data bills.

Lower camera resolution

Better cameras mean larger pictures and videos, but we normally want to keep this quality high. However, 4K videos are a lot larger than full HD videos, yet they do not have a remarkable difference when viewed on a smartphone, unless they are used commercially. You can turn down the resolution as long as you’re using the images and videos for personal use and not any editing.

Regular synchronizing

For both data saving or secondary storage, you can transfer files regularly to your computer, then delete the copies on your device. That way, you don’t lose any important files, and can keep your device free to save more stuff.

Make some hard choices

Above all, you will have to look inwards at what really matters to you, which can be very difficult. However, most people who use a device with limited storage long enough realize that they didn’t really need all the storage. The truth is, all that extra storage is usually more of a just-in-case than an actual need; once you realize that, you might appreciate the load off.