The rise of dating apps

March 23, 2016

Online dating is nothing new, and has been around since the Internet was created. So it’s no surprise, therefore, that one could find a date through their smartphone. There are currently more than 2,500 dating sites in the US alone, and thousands more around the world. This shows there’s a need for people to connect, and dating apps have risen as a result.

When selecting a dating app, you first need to recognize what you’re looking for – are you looking for a fling or long-term partner. With this criteria, it is much easier to categorize the most popular dating apps in the Play Store:


This is by far the most popular dating app in the Play Store right now, which is a good thing when trying to find a partner. Such popularity ensures thousands of potential partners which gives you more options to choose from. On the other hand, Tinder has got a bad rep for being a quick hook-up site to find a fling, which can be frustrating if you want something serious but great if you aren’t serious.

It works by simply showing faces of people of the opposite sex and you swipe right if you like what you see or left if you don’t. If by chance you and another individual like each other’s profiles, you can then start chatting. Other similar apps include Down Dating and HowAboutWe, although the latter is only available on the App Store.


This dating platform was initially launched in 2004 and grew steadily to become quite popular while most of the activity was done on computers. Then in came Tinder in 2012 with an innovative interface that made use of smartphones’ touch and swipe, quickly overtaking OkCupid.

Where OkCupid was more careful in selecting matches based on interest, Tinder just showed you the user’s profile picture, allowing almost anyone to find a date. This forced OkCupid to incorporate a Tinder-like swipe feature, although they still place stock on other attributes.

All in all, OkCupid is a lot like Tinder, although with a smaller ‘selection’, but with a lot less creepers and jokers. It’s somewhat of a safe bet to go out with someone you met there, but always be careful. Some similar apps include eHarmony and Plenty of Fish.

On the other end of the spectrum is, a much more ‘serious’ dating app. It has been described as a serial monogamist dating app because members are more likely to end up in a week to months long relationship. The fact that it’s a pay-to-use app ensures even further that only serious individuals use the app.


This is the Tinder-equivalent for gays, not a lot of serious candidates. Nevertheless, it is very popular because it has tapped into a niche and growing market, plus it’s the only app of its kind.

What to keep in mind

There have been numerous cases of abuse filed by users of these apps, but then there are married couples who met through dating apps. This means that you should never let your guard down and always keep your safety at the forefront. After all, life is all about taking chances, right?

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