November 23, 2015

Top custom ROMs

We’ve already looked at the devices which are confirmed to receive Android Marshmallow, so what are the rest to do? Well, you could settle with what you’ve already got, sell your device or give it away, but there’s still a third option, installing a custom ROM. Granted, this will void your warranty but would you rather stay with a device you aren’t happy with?

If you choose to root your device and install a custom ROM, here are some of the best:

CyanogenMod 12

This is the most common custom ROM out there, and chances are there’s one for your device. Being a common OS, its developers work hard to make it as stable as it can be, for a custom ROM. However, it doesn’t have any outstanding features or unique functionality, instead they focused on making it stable and usable by all users. Visit their download page here and choose the one for your device.


The developers of this OS literally pick the best features from other ROMs, combining their functionality to make an all-in-one system. With it, you get all the bells and whistles from the animations to icons and themes which makes it extremely customizable. However, with so many features, it can be confusing to newbies, hence this one remains a favorite for those used to using it. For the full list of supported devices, go to their page here.

PA (Paranoid Android)

This ROM is great – simple and beautiful – the only problem is that it only supports Nexus devices. If you’ve got one, great, the rest of us can just admire it. PA is like a streamlined stock ROM because it also doesn’t have any unique features but instead improves on it. I especially like the ‘peek’ feature which turns on the device when you pull it out of your pocket, no need for buttons. PA custom ROMs can be found here.


This OS is like PA only extend to more devices, although they have added an OmniSwitch shortcut. This is a quick menu with shortcuts to your favorite apps from where you can alternate without having to go back home. All devices which can receive this ROM are listed here.


I like this OS because you get to alter the DPI of fonts and icons thereby changing their sizes freely. Whenever I install this ROM, I like to make all the fonts super-small, just enough to read. There really isn’t any other addition to this ROM above the rest. SlimROM is available for numerous devices, and you can visit their website to find out if your device is eligible.

And the winner is…

There is no clear winner, although given the choice I’s go for PAC-ROM for its features. There still is some merit with the others, you just have to make the right choice for you.